Come Home to Your Creative CoreThe Return to Serenity Island

For some people it's simple; they know exactly what they desire from life. They can imagine what they want to accomplish, and work backwards to identify the steps they need to take to get there.

There are already plenty of books and programmes to help these kinds of achievement oriented, conceptual thinkers to realise their goals.

But what about the rest of us?

Those of us who engage with life from an experimental position. People who are less driven by the desire to accomplish, and more by the meaning and purpose we discover along the way.

Imagine your life as an island...

Soundscape Part One | Arriving Home

This is best enjoyed through headphones...

I want to invite you on an adventure. Back to and into the core of your being.

It's time to connect with the beauty of your unconventional life, and begin writing the next chapter of your story.

Your island of existence is ready to bloom and blossom from the inside out. This is the time to plant, nurture, and harvest meaningful seeds of treasure in and around your life. To focus on what matters most, and step into an organic process of expansion, emergence, and becoming.

Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work For Everyone

For many gentle rebels, it doesn't feel right to squeeze our lives into pre-defined labels and boxes. It can leave us constricted and restricted to measure who we are and what we do in the wrong way.

You don't want yet another method, model, or system to try squeezing yourself into.



Where imagination and play are part of the adventure itself (not something you have to make time and space for).


Where you embody the possibility of change through your entire being. As something which engages all your senses and intuitive creativity, not simply your rational analytical mind.


Where your life is ready to blossom from the inside out, and it doesn't require more commitments or items on the to do list.


Where you freely choose how to weather life's storms from a place of deep personal agency and power.


Where you grow alongside a supportive community of like-spirited travellers. You don't have to justify or explain your values, visions, or dreams to anyone who doesn't already really "get it".

"Oh my word, it is incredible! A really unique mixture of sound and sensory experience, coaching, imaginative play and informal, companionable talks. I'm absolutely hooked. I just did a module and cried like a baby cause I felt so safe and seen. It is really special. That kind of cry you do when you're a kid, not because you're afraid anymore, but because you've been PICKED UP, and the relief just comes flooding out."

- Josie George (writer and artist)

I've spent many years seeking, testing, and customising goal-setting models to make them feel better. And through my work with other gentle rebels, The Return To Serenity Island emerged organically.

Building life from a playful and creative core. Not rejecting goals, but re-imagining our relationship with them. So we can experience life as much more than a to do list, and a bunch of 'How to Succeed' books.

The programme gives you a rich visual map for the most important areas of life. It is a process of expansion that starts with you. It provides space (and peace) for life to grow and evolve in ways you can't yet imagine.

...oh and it holds itself (and you) lightly! I don't know about you but I have found that we often take things like goal setting and personal development far too seriously. And we tend to suck the joy, mystery, and magic out of the journey!

As you grow your life from the inside-out...

  • You will start to feel at home with your natural way of being - not judged or shamed for being unable to articulate the specifics of what you want from life.
  • You will experience growth in the areas of life that matter to you, and view your potential in ways you never have before.
  • You will develop flexible and exciting plans that don't feel limiting, but free you up to trust the processes you put in place as you nurture growth in the areas that matter most.
  • You will have more time, space, and calm around the important things. And you'll know what you can release as you tend to the areas of life that matter to YOU.
  • You will become open to receive and respond on your terms, to the growing number of interesting and exciting opportunities that will come your way once you accept and step into your adventure of being and becoming.
  • You will start a journey that never has to end, as you grow your life from the inside out, step by step, piece by piece, in exciting directions you couldn't possibly begin to imagine.

"Serenity Island has been the most powerful and loveliest thing I have ever experienced. Andy has created an amazing adventure, cleverly weaving together incredibly beautiful soundscapes and deeply touching story narrative, which ignites your imagination, activates all senses and sends you to a journey of a lifetime on this island of your wildest dreams.

You forget that you are on a goal setting mission. Andy fooled me very gently to do the work by disguising it as play. So freeing and fun! For me the creative part of it all has also been very important and meaningful: Serenity Island is a playful but also very useful creative project which will continue, evolve and grow with me. This Island work and its ripple effects have sneaked quietly and effectively to so many areas of my life already. I can’t imagine that I could’ve found more effective and gentle coaching than with Andy." - Tuula

Jephson Gardens Bridge

Hi, I'm Andy Mort...

If you are an experimental gentle rebel who has found that old ways of setting goals don't work for you, then I can definitely help.

As a curiously creative songwriter and slow coach, I've built my life upon a diverse and disparate set of interests and explorations. I continue to forge and nurture strange and gentle pathways to bring it all together in ways that feed a joy-fuelled life of surprising happenings, becomings, and opportunities.

Among Other Things...

  • I've released a whole bunch of music, toured the UK and performed internationally
  • I am a professionally qualified personal performance coach, and run my business with a 'slow coaching' philosophy, helping gentle rebels make life work for them, at their natural pace and rhythm, so they can come back to themselves and live from a place of authentic being...not driven by the old pressures to submit to society's frenetic demands
  • I've spoken and played music at two TEDx conferences (in Cyprus and the UK)
  • I spoke, performed, and delivered training at the HSP Gathering in Oulu, Finland
  • I have published well over 300 episodes of The Gentle Rebel Podcast
  • I've worked as an undertaker, a dementia carer, voiceover artist, website developer, and film-maker/animator

It's been a messy and chaotic road at times, and it doesn't fit the normal moulds and systems of doing things.

But over the years I've come to the conclusion that fitting into "conventional moulds" doesn't suit me. And from the work I've done with thousands of like-spirited gentle rebels, I can confirm that I'm not alone.

Perhaps you resonate with this too? Where "fitting in" or settling for convention, is simply not an attractive or life-affirming option. In fact, the very idea drains your spirit and sucks out your soul.

But we really don't need to keep bending ourselves out of shape in this way. And I wanted to share this tool to help make life work better for us.

The Return to Serenity Island is not like the 'outside-in courses' that are designed to help us get concrete on our goals and successfully pursue them. Not that there's anything wrong with those resources...they just don't work for everyone!

This programme is rooted instead in the premise that we are capable of so much more when we build life from the inside out. Connecting to ourselves and allowing our true dreams, values, and goals to expand out from our creative core.

"Arriving through the fog soundscape is the most brilliant thing I have witnessed as a gateway into myself. If I stopped here, at the harbor to the Island, it would already be worth it for me. Thank you for this. It’s filled with magic." - Zoie

"It’s beautiful, Andy. It sounds beautiful. It feels poignantly beautiful. It left me feeling excited for future, peaceful, comforted, and safe. Safe, Andy…what a gift to feel safe." - Gina

Get Ready to Turn Your Life Inside Out And Build A Meaningful Adventure That Starts With You

The Return to Serenity Island is an online programme designed to stimulate reflection, planning, and creative action. Moving at a pace that suits you, you will see your life in the form of a dynamic map, which paves the way for YOUR life to emerge and expand from within.


  • Immerse yourself in a powerful multi-sensory journey back to who you are at your authentic core.
  • See your life as more than a list of goals, and who you are as more than what you do.
  • Embody the difference between an outside-in and an inside-out approach to your hopes, dreams, and vision for the future.
  • Use your natural sensitivity to connect with the possibilities for your life in new creative ways.
  • Build plans which expansively encompass the whole of your being, not just the surface of what you think you should do or have.
  • Customise simple and practical tools that work for you personally, in order to keep you focussed on what matters most, so that you can cut through all the noise and overwhelm from the world outside.
  • Put together all the essential ingredients to develop new levels of calm under the type of pressures and demands that used to derail you.
  • Develop a tangible set of intentions and steps that help you fall in love with life again.
  • Plus a whole load of stuff that we can't yet imagine...

Are You Ready to Return to Serenity Island?

Pricing in US Dollars 

Solo Voyage

$125 USD
  • 12 Months Full Access to The Return To Serenity Island Self-Paced Course
  • 6 Chapters (21 video lessons to work through at your own pace)
  • 6 Soundscape Meditations (over 90 minutes of immersive audio experiences in and around Serenity Island)
  • Downloadable tools, templates, and creative prompts to inspire and equip you as you create your own adventure portfolio and build your maps
  • Free 3 Month Pass for The Haven Community, with a variety of creative groups to support you in your travels (worth $45)
  • The option to upgrade to Group and Captains levels

Group Voyage

$345 USD
  • 12 Months access to everything from the Solo Voyage, plus...
  • 6 Hour-Long Group Calls (+ Private Access to Playbacks) - sessions are every 4 weeks
  • Access to the exclusive private group community area - connect with the like-spirited travellers in your small voyage cohort
  • A Group Preparation Pack - with information, optional tools, and tips to help you decide how to get the most from this slow dive experience
  • Free 6 Month Pass for The Haven Community, with a variety of creative groups to support you in your travels (worth $90)
  • Check out the Group Voyage Schedule

Captains Voyage

$645 USD
  • Access to everything from the Solo Voyage, plus...
  • 6 One-On-One coaching sessions with Andy where you will explore the course together, envision and design your island maps, and tackle the challenges/obstacles that commonly hold you back
  • The option to join an upcoming Group Voyage (worth $345)
  • Free 12 Month Pass for The Haven Community, with a variety of creative groups to support you in your travels (worth $180)

Money Back Guarantee

I Want You to Feel Safe at Every Stage of This Journey...This Starts With a 7 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you join The Return To Serenity Island and feel that it's not worth every penny, I will refund your money. No hassle, no questions. Just get in touch and I will refund your money, as long as you do so within 7 days of your purchase date.

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